5 Things You Need To Check Under Your Hood

We get so used to turning the key in the ignition and driving off that we take it for granted that things under the hood just keep on going. It’s important to open that hood up from time to time to check these 5 important things. car parts is here.

Even if you don’t stay in a particularly warm climate you need to check your coolant levels regularly. Your engine develops a lot of heat and needs good cooling. If it overheats then your engine could seize.

The oil in your engine is there to make sure that all those different bits can keep on rubbing up against each other without causing wear. Make sure you check the oil level and fill it with the correct oil type.

Battery Fluid
If your battery is sealed then you don’t need to worry about this but if you have an unsealed battery then check the battery acid level every few months.

Brake Fluid
If you like driving fast you need to be able to stop quickly too. Make sure that you have enough brake fluid otherwise you’ll be pressing down hard on that pedal to get any amount of deceleration

All of these things are simple and cheap to check. If you ignore them though, the consequences can be quite disastrous and will end up costing you a lot of money. Take the time to check these regularly.

Top Italian Motor Vehicles

Italy has a long and proud motoring heritage. It seems like every Italian man has a passion for driving fast and beautiful cars. While Italian vehicles may not have the best reputation for reliability they certainly make up for this by producing high performance vehicles that are a pleasure to drive and look at. Here are some of our favourites.


If you think about cars and Italy then you probably first think of Ferrari. The prancing horse has been up on almost every young man’s bedroom wall in some or other poster. From the beautiful, sleek lines to the sound of a vicious V12, it’s easy to see why these vehicles capture the attention that they do. If you’re a fan of classic sports cars then you’ve probably dreamt about owning something like the 1967 Ferrari 365 GTB. Many people consider this car to be the world’s first supercar. On the other end of the spectrum is the Ferrari F60 Enzo which made its appearance in 2002. With its more angular lines and gullwing doors this Ferrari certainly broke the mould from its predecessors. The carbon fibre body, F1 type paddle gear shifters and 6 litre V12 made this car very exciting to drive.


Starting as a humble manufacturer of tractors, when these guys got into making supercars they really went all the way. There’s nothing conservative about the designs or the engines that Lamborghini put together. On the classic end of their offering you’ll see the Lamborghini Jota. This started off more as a private project by one of their engineers. It used special bodywork with Aerotech design features and alloys and combined this with a V12 that put out around 440BHP. It was a beast and very impressive for its time. If you’re more a fan of the typical Lambo angles then you might like the Veneno. Underneath it’s essentially an Aventador but they’ve upped the power output to 740BHP and have added some really nice features to the body.

Alfa Romeo

There’s a good reason why Alfa Romeo have been so successful. They realised early on that people want the beautiful lines that Italian cars are known for but want these cars to be affordable too. That’s not to say that they don’t have any top end expensive cars. They do. One of our favourites comes from way back in 1963. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Super TI is such a cool car. In its day it had a well-earned reputation for speed and sportiness. Of course, the Alfa Romeo Spiders (choose any year) are always a crowd pleaser. There’s nothing quite like a road trip around some mountains in one of these classics with the roof down. While Alfa have made many cars aimed at mid-income groups they also have some great top-end offerings. The Alfa Romeo 8C Spider is one of those. While it doesn’t have the supercar look at all, it is pretty quick. What really makes it great is the sound that the 444BHP engine makes. You’d have to have a quarter million dollars lying around if you wanted to get one though.


While Fiat may not be as exciting a brand as the other 3 we mentioned above, they’ve had some great cars in the past. The Fiat 500 has become very popular again with the redesigned model giving a nod to the original 500. You’ll see these just about everywhere these days. A Fiat that you’ve probably never seen is the 1969 Fiat Abarth 2000 Pinanfirina Coupe. This gorgeous sports car had some serious power and speed for its time. A top speed of 275km/h and a 0-100km/h time of 4.2 seconds is pretty good even by today’s standards. At $3m you’ll probably have to visit the collector to see one as they’re hardly ever seen on the roads.

There’s something special about Italian cars. Yes, they do tend to break down a lot and they aren’t the cheapest to maintain. Ok, so buying vehicle spares for these brands can also be tricky. The thing is, there’s a passion behind each of these vehicles that you just don’t get in a German saloon or a Japanese brand. It’s that passion and excitement that keeps us coming back for more.

Motor Spares And Repairs In Italy

At lapietragrezza.com we focus specifically on automotive spares and repairs of Italian motor cars. Italian motor manufacturers have a long and illustrious history of producing both high performance vehicles as well as cars for everyday use. Keeping these vehicles in good condition requires regular maintenance. Finding the best repair centres and sources of vehicle spares can be a challenge sometimes. Here are some tips on choosing the best options to keep your car in good order.

Regular Services

By servicing your car regularly you can avoid a lot of problems to begin with. So many of the repairs we’ve seen in our workshop could have been avoided by following a good maintenance routine. Check the service manual that comes with your vehicle. This will specify a service period interval as well as the mileage at which your service should take place. Make sure that you don’t exceed these when planning the service of your car. The service manual will also specify at which mileage specific car parts need to be replaced. If you try to save money by not replacing these parts you can be sure that it will cost you a lot more further down the line.

Repair Centres

Even the best maintained vehicles will require some repairs at some point. Some of the older model Fiats and Alfa Romeo vehicles could probably be repaired at almost any reputable repair centre in Italy. These vehicles have become so commonplace throughout Italy that most mechanics have probably worked on these models at least once in their career. For newer model vehicles it’s important to go directly to the dealer to have these repaired. This is normally a requirement to maintain the warranty of the vehicle. The more modern vehicles also normally require sophisticated diagnostics equipment to be able to diagnose the cause of any problems.

Automotive Spares

There are a number of reputable vehicle spares suppliers throughout Italy. While they will keep spares for most models of cars on our roads they will certainly keep a lot of spares for Italian makes like Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Because of this it isn’t always necessary to approach the dealer to buy a specific car part. You can often save some money by sourcing the spare part from a general automotive spare part supplier. These days you can even buy vehicle spares online. It is important to make sure that you buy genuine parts and not generic spares. Non-genuine parts may work for a while but they will more than likely give you trouble in a short while. Check the part number and ensure that your supplier confirms that the parts you are buying are genuine. fifa 17 coin generator


Whether you are driving a humble Fiat Uno or a high performance car like a Ferrari the need for maintenance remains the same. Make sure that you stick to the recommended service intervals in your vehicle maintenance manual. Choose a reputable repair centre and use the manufacturer’s workshop if you have a newer vehicle or if your car is still within its warranty. Lastly, make sure that the spare parts you buy are genuine parts. You can safely save some money by buying these parts online but make sure you use a reputable supplier.